Buck Godot was written back in the late 20th Century, and we've now finished posting these vintage works.
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Thursday, January 03, 2008
Buck Godot Online Comics


Chapter 2; Cultural Trade:

Aliens are, by their very nature, alien. Fatuous as this statement sounds, it is one of the strengths of the Gallimaufry. There are ideas, indeed, entire basic concepts that we take for granted; such as, say, representational art. In many cases, these concepts may simply never have occurred to another race that has, throughout its entire existence, felt a deep-seated need for a picture of its mother, only without those annoying tendrils that no polite person ever mentioned anyway.

Ostensibly the Gallimaufry serves as a trading center for concrete goods and services. Even so, one of the real reasons races stay is the realization that there are wonderful things to be learned from those other races, even those annoying fellows with entirely too many ears. Things that, once explained, one can do ones self for free. To be sure, this annoys some of the races that have brought some of these wonderful ideas to the Galaxy's notice; such as the Choaten, who tried and failed to patent the concept of blue as a source of nutrition. Happily, most races realize that since there are more of "Them" throwing ideas around than there are of "Us", you tend to get more out of it than you brought into it. This is a universal concept that appeals to everybody.

When Humanity joined the Gallimaufry, the first impressions of established idea sifters were rather disappointing. Yes, they were entertainingly crazy, but their quirks were mere amplifications of other neuroses and psychoses that had been in and out of vogue for millennia.

Then it was revealed that humans froze liquids. No big news there. The concept that electrified the Gallimaufry was that Humans stuck a handle into the frozen liquid and ate it! Still frozen!

Shockwaves of tsunami-like proportion ran through the culinary schools of the galaxy. Entire industries were spawned and fought over, and at least two desert dwelling races were saved from extinction.

And most important of all, when Humanity threw a party with refreshments, everybody came.

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